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ArX Solutions

ArX Solutions is a widely experienced 3D architectural visualization firm. They produce 3D renderings, animations and films for projects in every market, all over the world. They specialize in providing computer graphics solutions for charrettes, architectural workshops and master planning. Social Couturier launched and designed its blog in 2014, creating digital content, covering special events and managing its social media accounts.


Telemundo Station Group, part of the NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations division of NBCUniversal, is comprised of 30 local television stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Producing and broadcasting more than 15,000 hours of unique and relevant local content each year, including award-winning news, public affairs, and entertainment programming, Telemundo Station Group serves Spanish-speaking viewers in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, New York, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, San Antonio, San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix, Harlingen, Sacramento, Orlando, Fresno, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., San Diego, Tampa, Denver, El Paso, Boston, Las Vegas, Tucson, Hartford, Salt Lake City, Fort Myers-Naples, Springfield, Richmond and Puerto Rico. In Social Couturier we created digital content in Spanish for its local television stations.

Sapos y Princesas

Stablished in 2005, Sapos y Princesas is in Spain the media outlet for parents that want to fill the childhood of their kids with meaningful experiences. In Social Couturier we created digital content in video for its social media.


 Do me a favor buddy is a growing social movement for people who want to help each other and make a difference – from local little things to global big ideas.


HITN Learning

HITN Learning supports the social, emotional, and academic success of Hispanic/Latino children ages 0-14. We manage its social media accounts and create digital content for them.

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Foto: Lucy, de Sergio Albiac Ya hacía varios meses que no…

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